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Just about everything is serious to the humanitarian Dog. This intelligent character perceives the world as a troubled place and feels responsible for saving it. He is a pleasant sort, but perhaps a little shy. Befriending a Dog is a lifetime proposition. The eleventh sign of the Zodiac is dependable and honorable: to betray his trust would break his loyal heart.

The Dog is certainly not one to pamper himself. And if others attempt to indulge him, his sense of fair play compels him to return the favor twofold. Although open-minded, the dog has a tendency to be self-righteous.

In most cases, Tigers, Rabbits or Horses are the Dog’s best friends, but he has difficulty maintaining relationships with Oxen, Dragons, Sheep and Roosters.

Compatible: Tigers, Rabbits, Horses
Incompatible: Oxen, Dragon, Sheep, Rooster
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