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Lucky are those born under the powerful sign of the Dragon. Blessed with strength and excellent health, the Dragon child is destined to shoulder great responsibility or become a leader. An insatiable desire for wealth and prestige feeds his ambition. The Dragon is confident, enthusiastic, direct and intelligent. He gets restless if he cannot act out his goals or dreams. As a manager, the Dragon will take an active role in most projects and has a knack for personal details, such as remembering all his employee’s birthdays.

The Dragon is quite the charmer. A person born in the fifth year of the Zodiac is a witty conversationalist whose sparkle makes him stand out in a crowd. He is a loyal friend and mate. Yet it can be a challenge to live with a Dragon. He feels he is entitled to love and affection and sometimes behaves inconsiderately. He maintains high standards for himself and others, yet expects immediate forgiveness for any of his mistakes. The Dragon doesn’t believe the possibility that he could be wrong. He also has a heightened sense of self-worth and can be ruthless.

The Dragon gets along well with almost everyone. He has a special comradely with the Rat, Snake, Monkey and Rooster. He will find difficulties befriending the Dog.

Compatible: Rat, Snake, Monkey, Rooster
Incompatible: Dog
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