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Most Americans would be pleased to have the traits of the Horse bestowed upon their child. The seventh sign of the Zodiac is an independent, ambitious non-conformist. The young Horse does tend to be unpredictable and rebellious, but usually settles down as an adult. However, many Asian parents believe the strong will and pride of Horse children could damage the family structure. The year of the Fire Horse, which only occurs every sixty years (most recently in 1966), traditionally produces the most passionate Horses of all. Females are considered especially unlucky.

This thinking befuddles the typical Westerner, who finds the energetic and cheerful Horse an excellent companion. Although the Horse is a courageous adventurer, his intellect and perceptive nature prevent him from barreling into situations blindly. He likes to win and is very successful in the business world. This idealistic character is ethical and loyal. He doesn’t mind starting at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, as long as he can eventually climb to the top. He gets there by his showy nature and “working like a horse.” The Horse’s fiercely independent personality often conflicts with his strong desire for approval from his peers. He can also be stubborn and extremely self-centered.

Horses are happiest in the company of Tigers, Sheep and Dogs. They prefer to avoid Rats, Oxen and Rabbits.

Compatible: Tigers, Sheep, Dogs
Incompatible: Rats, Oxen, Rabbit
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