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Of all the signs in the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey is the most intelligent and innovative. The ninth animal can tackle any problem that comes his way. The Monkey’s versatility, ability to defy convention, and competitive nature enable him to see solutions that others can’t. This irrepressible character is extraordinarily lucky and successful.

Social customs certainly don’t interest this free spirit. He is incapable of following rules, yet really doesn’t have to. A sociable self-confident chatterbox, the Monkey is capable of charming everyone. But watch out: the clever and mischievous Monkey loves to play tricks on others, for both fun and profit. He can also be smug and self-absorbed.

The Monkey delights in teasing the Tiger, but the two share a common outlook. A relationship with the Rabbit or Snake would not be harmonious. It would be wiser for him to seek the friendship of a Rat, Dragon or other Monkey.

Compatible: Tiger, Rat, Dragon, Monkey
Incompatible: Rabbit, Snake
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