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Many people want to be friends with the gracious and courageous Pig, who is sometimes called the Boar. The twelfth sign of the Zodiac sees the good in everyone and is able to make even casual acquaintances feel special through his attentiveness and sincere compliments. His ordinary—or even unpolished—appearance makes him approachable, and those who do befriend the Pig quickly discover he is kind, cultured and generous. This sign readily indulges the people he cares about and goes to great lengths to accommodate their wishes. He is gallant and quite the connoisseur, seeking the best in life for himself and others. His love of the gourmet lifestyle frequently causes him to overeat and his naive faith in humankind sometimes creates financial or personal woes.

The Pig gets along best with people born under the sign of the Tiger, Rabbit or Sheep. He is least likely to extend his hospitality to the Snake or another Pig.

Compatible: Tigers, Rabbit, Sheep
Incompatible: Snake, Pig
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