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Chinese Zodiac Rat Information


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It is very easy to get along with the intelligent and social Rat, the first sign in the Zodiac. This whiskered character is hardworking, frugal and honest so he can reward cherished family and friends with generous gifts. Curious and sentimental, the Rat is equally adept at collecting secrets and souvenirs. The love of money is the Rat’s pitfall, causing him to be both overambitious and a tightwad, although never at the expense of his family. Rats get along best with people born under the sign of the Ox, Dragon or Monkey. Difficulties are most likely to develop with Horses, Sheep and Roosters.

Compatible: Ox, Dragon, Monkey
Incompatible: Horses, Sheep, Roosters
Rules the hours: 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.
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