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Many great leaders in the world are Roosters. No wonder, the tenth sign of the Zodiac is intelligent, ambitious, decisive and organized. These traits are necessary, as the Chinese believe the Rooster is prone to bad luck in monetary matters. Although he does tend to bottle up his emotions, this forthright character rarely hesitates to express—or sugarcoat—his opinions.

The Rooster’s enthusiastic and social nature, wonderful sense of humor and meticulously groomed appearance attract many friends. He always keeps a promise and would never divulge a secret. Despite these wonderful qualities, the Rooster’s strong will and pride sometimes make him seem inflexible or boastful. The Rooster enjoys the company of the Ox, Dragon or Snake but prefers to avoid contact with the Rat, Rabbit or Dog. Interestingly, people born under this sign—particularly males—tend to squabble amongst themselves.

Compatible: Oxen, Dragons, Snakes
Incompatible: Rats, Rabbits, Dogs
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