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Chinese Zodiac Snake Information


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People can’t help noticing when a graceful Snake crosses their path. The sixth sign of the Zodiac simply has a sensuous magnetism that demands attention. Frequently attractive, the Snake takes great pride in his appearance and never hesitates to purchase the finest clothing and accessories. This serene character feels no need to impress and always chooses classic tailoring over flashy or faddish items. Casual observers frequently believe the impeccably groomed Snake is vain and shallow.

This could not be more from the truth. The Snake is very philosophical, a deep thinker and a shrewd businessperson. He is very careful in articulating his thoughts, occasionally to the point of deceit. The Snake is also a passionate lover, but has a reputation for infidelity. Ironically, it is he that is often suspicious of others. The Snake enjoys the company of the Ox, Dragon and Rooster and prefers to avoid the Tiger, Monkey and Pig.

Compatible: Oxen, Dragon, Rooster
Incompatible: Tiger, Monkey, Pig
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