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Chinese Zodiac Tiger Information


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People who befriend the personable Tiger will never need to look for excitement anywhere else. This striped rascal lives for adventure and his reckless nature helps him find it. The third sign of the Zodiac is a handful of contradictions. Calm but quick tempered, warm-hearted yet fearlessly aggressive, Tigers are independent loners who desperately need attention.

Hardworking and altruistic, the Tiger becomes completely wrapped up in projects and causes. This noble and powerful sign is said to protect homes from fire, thieves and ghosts. The same characteristics that make the Tiger so endearing are often the most annoying. He is intense and moody, but never dull.

Horses, Dogs and Pigs frequently make good companions for the Tiger; but Oxen, Rabbits and Snakes tend to rub his fur the wrong way.

Compatible: Horses, Dogs, Pigs
Incompatible: Oxen, Rabbits, Snakes
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